As the cradle of Europe, Greece is not only proud of its history, but, with its unique landscape, offers both locals and guests an exquisite impression of an original natural beauty.

Greece, as a Mediterranean country, is not only famous for its sunny beaches, but it also offers to the demanding and restless visitor a multilateral world: massive mountain ranges and rocky peaks are representative of the country as much as the numerous islands of the Aegean are.

From the mythical Olympus and the wooded mountains of Pindos to the Atticus Parnassos and the rocky peaks of Peloponnese, Greece incorporates a multifaceted and alternative mountain scenery.

However, lovers of nature often face certain barriers, when exploring or hiking in the mountains, such as the lack of hiking trails, which complicates even further the penetration into the most beautiful areas of Greek mountains.

We are now giving our guests the chance to get to know Greece from this particular side.